The Advantages of XDR Over Traditional Antivirus Solutions

extended detection and response

Rising cybersecurity threats are solely rivaled by the tools available to combat them. However, the more tools your organization deploys, the more difficult it is to manage these platforms with ease of visibility across your network.

The solution? Extended detection and response (XDR), an approach that will overtake existing security solutions and overhaul the industry.

What Is XDR?

XDR is the next phase in the evolution of endpoint detection and response (EDR). Where former security solutions offered layered visibility and responses to threats across individual endpoints, XDR uses proactive measures to offer single pane visibility across endpoints, networks, email systems, and cloud computing. It offers a single platform that unifies detection and response to threats over diverse security components.

XDR helps your organization:

  • Enhance detection of unknown and sophisticated threats that traditional solutions often miss
  • Simplify security operations, improving productivity and efficiency
  • Track threats across multiple system components
  • Improve detection and response speed using automation

How Does Extended Detection & Response Function?

XDR merges with your organization’s current cybersecurity systems to create a unified security operations solution. It collects raw telemetry data from various network points and performs automated analysis and correlation to identify sophisticated threats. 

When XDR detects a threat, it constructs an attack timeline that’s accessed from a centralized user interface. This timeline allows you to discover:

  • Where the threat originated
  • How the threat spread
  • How your network became infected
  • What (if any) further impact there is across your network

XDR also responds to threats and prevents similar attacks using correlated data and threat intelligence.

What Are the Advantages of XDR Over Traditional Antivirus Solutions?

Most organizations use multiple solutions, including security information and event management (SIEM), EDR, and network traffic analysis (NTA) to manage and enforce security defenses across multiple platforms. While effective, this approach can prove inefficient and more costly for your organization.

XDR improves on this traditional, multi-faceted method by providing a single platform that performs the tasks of each tool cohesively. This functionality increases efficiency and provides complete visibility of your entire network in a single solution. It also reduces the time and costs of training personnel across multiple tools. 

Why Is Traditional Antivirus Software Not Enough?

Cyber criminals are increasingly sophisticated in their attacks, and their tools and approaches are constantly evolving. Traditional antivirus software often uses signature-based detection to recognize threats and malware based on data coded into its system, rendering it insufficient against newly developed threats.

EDR improved on traditional antivirus solutions by using data analysis to identify changes in endpoint behaviors, allowing it to detect evolving threats against endpoints. But even this approach cannot protect against multi-point attacks and leaves access points such as email or cloud computing vulnerable.

Why Is XDR the Best Security Solution?

XDR is the superior option for protecting your organization against cyber attacks. With its extended detection and response capabilities, XDR provides a comprehensive security solution across your entire network and offers complete visibility and threat management within a single solution, letting your organization address security threats from a unified standpoint. With its use of data analysis and threat intelligence, XDR is a solution that can evolve alongside increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

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