5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT to a Managed Service Provider

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It’s nearly impossible to understate the importance of business technology today. In our digital world, having secure, reliable IT systems is necessary for any business to grow and thrive.

How to go about getting reliable IT is the question. You can choose to hire an in-house team, outsource your IT services, or use a mix of these two solutions, with some in-house IT staff but using an outsourced team for extra support when needed.

While your decision for how to handle your IT will depend on your specific circumstances, outsourcing is becoming ever more popular in the business world because of its many benefits. These are just a handful of the many key advantages of outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider (MSP):

1.  Cost Savings

An in-house IT team comes with the expenses of not only salary, but also benefits, employee onboarding and training, office space and equipment, and other overhead costs.

Alternatively, when you work with a managed service provider, you can receive the expertise and assistance of an entire team for less than the cost of one salaried employee.

Working with a managed service provider keeps IT costs consistent and easy to fit into your budget; you won’t have to worry about the unpredictable expenses from a break/fix IT solution or the significant cost of staffing a full IT department in house.

MSPs also have industry relationships with vendors that give you access to better equipment at lower costs.

2. Access to a Wide Range of Expertise

Working with an MSP means you have access to an entire team of experienced IT professionals.

While an in-house team may also be made up of experienced individuals, it often lacks the breadth and depth of industry experience of an MSP that has specifically brought in talent with a range of backgrounds and specialties.

Access to specialists skilled in solving problems of all kinds in the IT industry means that your problems will get solved faster, with tested solutions proven to have lasting impact.

3. Scalable Solutions

Growth means that your business can become more profitable, competitive, and efficient. But if your IT systems aren’t built to sustain your growth, you’ll find yourself struggling to adjust—or having to revamp your entire IT infrastructure altogether.

A managed service provider can help you put the very best technology in place to help your business in the long term. Instead of being locked into systems that you’ll soon outgrow, an MSP can equip you with scalable solutions that give your business the room to grow.

MSPs have experience leveraging technology to help businesses reach their full potential, and they can help you get the necessary technology to bypass growing pains and instead seamlessly transition to more success on a bigger scale.

4. IT Strategizing

You need to treat your technology as an investment to see an ROI—but if you’re spending in the wrong places, that investment may not be building your business capabilities in the way that it should.

An MSP can work with you to create an IT strategy that prioritizes your business’s specific needs from the start, so every dollar of IT spending corresponds with real results in efficiency and overall capabilities.

Even if you already have an in-house team, they may not be able to keep up with the demand of both completing daily tasks and taking the time to step back and create a big-picture plan for your IT. An MSP can offer co-managed services or single-project consulting to supplement your internal team when you need a little extra support.

5. Security & Compliance

Without comprehensive cybersecurity, you run the risk of suffering data breaches with disastrous consequences.

According to IBM, the average US data breach costs the victimized business an average of nearly $4 million. Even for small businesses that operate on a smaller scale, a breach can cause unrecoverable losses.

An MSP has greater access to tools and resources that provide your business with constant remote monitoring, advanced threat detection, and other essential security tools.

For businesses in regulated industries, compliance also plays a vital role in your ability to serve customers safely and legally handle their information. A partner with expertise in your industry’s compliance standards makes the compliance process simple.

Get Reliable Managed IT Services from Fusion Tech

Though this list is not exhaustive, it gives you a glimpse of what outsourcing part or all of your IT needs to a managed service provider can do for your business.

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