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cloud migration

5 Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

One of the biggest and most useful tools we’ve seen becoming more popular since COVID-19 and the onset of remote work has been the Cloud. The cloud has itself been around for over a decade, and yet a surprising amount of people have yet to fully take advantage of its many benefits with cloud migration. […]

managed service provider

How Partnering with a Managed Service Provider Can Cut Business Costs

One of the most unfortunate things in today’s business world is the misconceptions surrounding the value proper IT support can offer an organization. From owners to employees, many people don’t understand the full scope of what an IT managed service provider can do, and thus they go without it—but that doesn’t mean they don’t need […]

Businesspeople discussing outsourced IT cost

How Much Does Outsourced IT Cost?

There are always costs associated with running and maintaining a company. One of the most common cost centers for businesses is information technology (IT). Many companies choose to outsource their IT needs in order to save on costs. But how much does outsourced IT cost? You may have heard about the value that outsourced IT can […]

Three IT technicians working on computers

How to Decide between Managed and Co-Managed IT Services for Your Business

If you’re like most small business owners, you wear a lot of hats. You’re the CEO, the sales manager, the marketing director, and probably the human resources department too. And somewhere in there, you have to find time to be the IT person. But let’s face it: most of us didn’t go into business to […]

Hacker woman launching a cyberattack

7 Signs Your Business Isn’t Ready for a Cyberattack

You jump on your computer to start your workday and notice that some of your most important files are unreadable. Feeling confused, you log in to your email and notice some spammy messages from coworkers. Your network is running extremely slow but nothing with your service has changed. What’s going on? You’ve just been hit […]

working in office with local it company

Top Benefits of Using a Local IT Company

There’s nothing more frustrating than experiencing a tech interruption at your business only to get an automated message from an unavailable IT support team. If your internet connection has crashed or you’ve experienced a data breach, you need that problem solved right away. This is especially true for businesses in California, who need round-the-clock technology […]

man working on a computer

5 Cybersecurity Trends to Look Out For in 2022

The cybersecurity industry has grown exponentially over the past few decades and will continue to do so as there is a growing need for it. Keeping your data safe with good cybersecurity practices has become a major priority of companies who have been victims of high-profile attacks in the past, as well as the IT […]

IT support ready for 2022

Will Your IT Support Make It to 2022? How You Can Tell

IT services and cybersecurity are core parts of any business. They drive the internal processes that allow organizations to grow and ensure that sensitive data is kept safe from cyberattacks. As technology continues to advance, businesses need to keep their IT infrastructure updated with the latest IT solutions for small businesses.  Is your IT support […]

recognize phishing attacks

Something’s Phishy: How to Recognize Phishing Attacks

Unfortunately, phishing emails are becoming more and more common. These emails often look like they’re coming from trusted sources, but instead contain links to malicious sites or harmful downloads. According to the FBI, phishing scams cost American companies $215 million annually. This amount is expected to rise due to the increasing use of mobile devices […]