5 Cybersecurity Myths That Are Hurting Your Business

Cyberattacks on big brands make headlines, but the truth is that hackers love to target small businesses. Since the majority of smaller businesses are not prepared against security breaches, hackers see them as prime targets for cyberattacks. And while large corporations can weather their data being compromised, small businesses are often devastated by a serious breach.

Some of the biggest factors contributing to these attacks are the harmful assumptions businesses believe about cybersecurity. Here are six of the most common (and most dangerous) cybersecurity myths that are hurting your business:

1. “My data won’t be useful to anyone, so I’m not a target.”

Many times businesses don’t know the value of their data until after a breach occurs. This is one of the most dangerous cybersecurity myths and is one of the reasons small businesses are appealing targets to hackers. Everything from customer records to financial information has value to cybercriminals, as this data will give hackers access to even more peoples’ information. It’s a domino effect that starts with one business and can affect thousands of individuals.

2. “It’s easy to tell what phishing looks like.”

While everyone thinks they can tell what a phishing attack looks like, phishing has become increasingly sophisticated. Anyone can fall victim to a phishing attack in an unguarded moment. Even Elon Musk and Barack Obama recently fell prey to a major breach of their Twitter accounts during the infamous bitcoin scam in July 2020.

Phishing goes way beyond the typical email scam that most people are looking for, from pop-ups to counterfeit websites that collect information. 

3. “Cybersecurity is the IT department’s problem, not mine.”

Cybersecurity requires a culture shift and the participation of every individual in your business. Completely depending on your business’s IT department will only result in more data breaches. Not to mention, cybercrimes are often made to mislead in-house IT departments specifically.

A study by IBM found that human error is the cause of 95% of successful cyberattacks. Cybersecurity needs to be a company-wide focus, not one department. A robust, effective cybersecurity strategy involves everyone from leadership down to each employee.

4. “Anti-virus software and security tools are enough to keep my info safe.”

While anti-virus and anti-malware software is an important part of a cybersecurity program, they are only part of a larger strategy to keep your business safe from attackers. They can be very effective tools but need to be used together with strength and training. 

Similarly, avant-garde security tools can help keep your business safe, but they need to be effectively configured, well-monitored, and integrated within your firm’s security operations. Rather than using a Google search, partnering with experienced cybersecurity experts is the best way to find the right tools and software for your company. Managed service providers are also capable of setting up long-term solutions unique to your business’s needs.

5. “I create secure enough passwords.”

Regardless of how secure you think your passwords are, they are more vulnerable than you think. While password safety used to constitute having a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols, attackers are able to use brute force software to tackle your passwords.

Choosing a password is only part of the equation. How passwords are stored and who has access to them is key. Passwords need to be changed frequently and not used across multiple sites or platforms. Password managers, two-factor or multi-factor authentication, and random password generators can all drastically improve account safety.

Final Thoughts 

Small businesses are massively impacted by security breaches and may find it hard to recover. Busting these cybersecurity myths is a good first step towards company security. Putting a good policy into place with good practices and the right tools is key. Inevitably, there are vulnerabilities that can only be identified by a thorough audit. Finding a reliable MSP is a sure-fire way to gaining a more comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity for you and your employees.

Fusion Technology offers regular cybersecurity audits, thorough testing, and long-term cybersecurity plans to protect your business. Schedule a free consultation to receive a thorough cybersecurity analysis through Fusion Technology Solutions today.