Will Your IT Support Make It to 2022? How You Can Tell

IT services and cybersecurity are core parts of any business. They drive the internal processes that allow organizations to grow and ensure that sensitive data is kept safe from cyberattacks. As technology continues to advance, businesses need to keep their IT infrastructure updated with the latest IT solutions for small businesses. 

Is your IT support ready for 2022 and what it has to offer? Here are some trends and changes you can expect for 2022 to measure against your current security plan:

Prepare for a Permanent Hybrid Workforce 

The COVID-19 pandemic is still playing a significant role in how industries and businesses organize themselves, and this doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. Preparing for and setting up a permanent hybrid workforce will benefit you and your staff in 2022. 

When it comes to IT solutions for small businesses and catering to a hybrid workforce, there are 3 important points you need to consider: 

Train Employees in the Latest Security Practices 

SWZD’s The 2022 State of IT report highlights a trend showing that employee security training is increasing along with anti-ransomware solutions to compensate for new cybersecurity threats. This is a trend that your business will need to keep up with.

At Fusion Technology Solutions, employee vulnerability and security training are a core part of our cybersecurity IT services. This is because ransomware and phishing scams rely on user error to gain access to your system. As we move into 2022, all employees should be able to identify common cyber threats, such as the signs of a phishing attempt. 

Use a Proactive Approach to IT Solutions

A proactive approach to IT support minimizes the damage caused by downed networks, IT issues, and cyberattacks.

Proactive approaches target potential issues your business will face in the future. They work to avoid them, or they prepare to minimize the resulting losses before anything happens. A reactive approach is one where taking action is only taken after an issue has arisen. 

This is a crucial aspect of IT strategizing. When you work with a managed service provider (MSP) like Fusion Technology, your business’s IT support and infrastructure can actually make your business more resilient using a proactive rather than reactive approach. 

Update Your Software and Devices 

Keeping every aspect of your IT infrastructure updated, from apps and software to individual devices, means the latest security patches are downloaded to help prevent cyberattacks. 

If you are running software versions from 2019 and even 2020 when more recent updates are available, then cyber-criminals may have already found ways around those older versions to access your network. Getting your IT support ready for 2022 means regularly updating all your IT infrastructure. 

Preparing for the new year and ensuring your business’s IT support and infrastructure are ready with the latest in IT technology can be a lot for an in-house IT department, especially for SMBs. When you partner with an MSP, you gain access to the latest IT equipment, cybersecurity, training, cloud services, and much more to bring your business into the new year the right way. 

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