How to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life


Your laptop’s usefulness is directly tied to how much life you can squeeze out of your battery.The longer you can make it last, the more versatile it is.In this video, we’ll outline three easy ways you can coax more life out of your laptop’s battery, coming up next…

Your laptop’s battery life is critical to your ability to work efficiently and effectively.The more life you can squeeze out of your battery, the more productive you can be.Here are three quick and easy ways you can make each battery charge last longer:

1) Adjust Your Screen Brightness – Your laptop’s display is the single biggest driver of power consumption.Next time you boot it up, head to the settings screen and tweak your brightness settings.Obviously, every person’s tolerance and preferences will differ, but the more you can reduce the brightness and still make full use of the machine, the longer your battery will last.

Also note that an increasing number of applications have a “Dark Mode.”Using this option whenever it’s available will also help gain a little more battery life.

2) Upgrade Your Hard Drive To An SSD – The vast majority of laptops sold today still come with mechanical hard disks, or HDDs.The problem is that HDDs consume more power since it takes energy to spin their platters, while SSDs have no moving parts at all.In addition to seeing a small boost in overall battery life, you’ll also find that your laptop becomes more responsive, making an upgrade a win on two fronts.

3) Extended Battery Options – Most laptops come with a standard six-cell battery, but many manufacturers offer 8- or 12-cell upgrades.It’s worth a quick call or visit to your laptop manufacturer’s website to see if a battery upgrade is available as these will add significantly to your battery life.

Don’t settle for underwhelming battery life. Don’t settle for underwhelming battery life.Take steps today to get more from every charge. If you would to find out more ways to improve productivity with technology in your workplace. Give our team a call.

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