7 Signs Your Business Isn’t Ready for a Cyberattack

You jump on your computer to start your workday and notice that some of your most important files are unreadable. Feeling confused, you log in to your email and notice some spammy messages from coworkers. Your network is running extremely slow but nothing with your service has changed. What’s going on?

You’ve just been hit with a cyberattack一and you’re not alone. A recent study revealed that 57% of SMBs believe they won’t be targeted by online criminals, but almost 20% experienced an attack in 2021. These data breaches are costing more than ever before, with an average cost of a data breach for small businesses at $108,000.

And it’s not just money that you’ll be losing if you’re not protected against a cyberattack. We’ve put together the top 7 signs that your business is unprepared for an unwelcome visit from cybercriminals.

  1. You don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Nobody thinks that the next security breach will target their business. But if you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place for what to do if that does happen, you could find yourself in hot water. 

A good recovery plan includes how and where copies of your data are stored in the event of an emergency, how you will communicate with employees during and after the attack, and recovery tactics of lost or stolen data.

  1. You don’t have the right security protocols to prevent cyberattacks. 

A security protocol outlines what you’re doing now to prevent breaches. Your security protocol should include aspects such as how often you patch your software, how you protect your passwords, mobile device management, round-the-clock system monitoring, and more. 

If you’re missing a prevention strategy or your security protocol isn’t comprehensive, your business won’t be ready for a cyber attack.

  1. You don’t have anti-virus software.

Anti-virus software can help protect your devices from malware and other malicious viruses. In addition to viruses, most of today’s antivirus programs are also capable of detecting and removing other types of malicious software, including worms, Trojans, adware, spyware, ransomware, browser hijackers, and more.

Besides being able to identify and remove these threats, the best antivirus software can also prevent them from infecting your system. If you don’t have anti-virus software, you’re at risk of losing data or having your devices hijacked.

  1. You don’t require multi-factor authentication across your business.

A secure network is only as secure as the passwords that protect it. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) can prevent up to 90% of cyberattacks, because users have to have more than a username and password to identify themselves. There are many types of MFAs; pick the program that will work best for you, your employees, and your customers.

5 .You don’t have a regular data backup service.

The most important part of cybersecurity is being prepared. A data backup service backs up your data, stores your backups, and can help restore your data if it’s lost or damaged. 

When investing in data backup, it’s wise to follow the 3-2-1 rule:

  1. At least THREE copies of your data
  2. Backed-up data on TWO different storage types
  3. At least ONE copy of the data offsite

Applying the 3-2-1 rule will give you multiple ways to restore your data in the case of a cyberattack.

6. You don’t offer employee cybersecurity training.

Employees need to be aware of the risks that come with using the internet and email, and they need to know how to protect themselves and the business. In fact, human error is the #1 cause of data breaches

Trainings should cover what phishing emails look like, signs of a cyberattack (e.g., unexplained errors, running slowly, changes in desktop configurations, etc.), how to report data incidents, and more, helping protect your business.

7. You don’t have dedicated IT security personnel.

Working with a cybersecurity professional is the best way to protect your business from cyberattacks. Cybersecurity experts can help you develop a plan of action, install and configure security software, and monitor your network for any threats. Their success is your success, so they’ll create a proactive cybersecurity strategy to best protect you and your data.

The Bottom Line

As scary as it is, every business is at risk of a cyberattack. If you’re not prepared, it could cost you time, money, and customers一even your whole business. Take the time to implement plans and softwares and you can rest easy knowing your business is safer.

At Fusion Technology Solutions, we understand the headaches that come with cybersecurity. We love offering our clients world-class IT services and we specialize in keeping their data safe. Contact us today for a free consultation!