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Microsoft Now Testing Games Playable With Eye Movements

Microsoft is continuing to push quietly into new frontiers on the accessibility front.  Their most recent effort?  The release of four free “Eyes First” games that people who have speech and mobility-related disabilities can play using nothing but eye movements. The new quartet of Windows 10 games, Maze, Double Up, Match Two, and a Tile […]

Health Organization Says Gaming Addiction Is A Mental Disorder

Do you like video games?  Are you the kind that can get so lost and involved in your favorite title of the moment that you’re willing to burn vacation days and spend the entire time in a non-stop playing frenzy? It hasn’t happened very often, but there have been a handful of documented cases where […]

New Windows 10 Update May Cause Gaming Issues

If you’ve installed Microsoft’s March 1st update for Windows 10, version 180G, be aware that a growing percentage of users are reporting performance issues that impact graphics quality and mouse movement. Granted, the issues seem to have the biggest impact on games, with gamers who play games like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty 4. […]

Nvidia Drivers Should Be Updated For Security Issues

If you use a Nvidia graphics card, be aware that the company has recently released their first security patch of 2019, bearing the ID # 4772.  It’s an important one in that it addresses eight security flaws that leave un-patched systems vulnerable to attack. It should be noted that none of the flaws addressed in […]