Fusion Technology Solutions Featured in the North Bay Business Journal to Discuss Cybersecurity Precautions for Remote Teams

Fusion Technology Solutions North Bay Business Journal

JUNE 1, 2022—Fusion Technology Solutions is proud to announce we have been featured in the prestigious North Bay Business Journal to discuss expert tips on how remote teams can protect themselves from growing cybersecurity risks. 

The article details the rising number of security breaches and cybersecurity attacks affecting small to medium-sized businesses as they transition to remote working. With COVID-19 still affecting the globe, many businesses are struggling to find ways to effectively protect their employees from these cybersecurity threats. 

Scott Schulze, CEO of Fusion Technology Solutions notes, “You can’t expect everyone working at home to know what they need to install and what equipment will be secure and compatible with office network security. . . . Everyone should be prepared by finding ways to minimize exposure and reduce threats.”

As messages are sent to and from remote workers, malware and ransomware have a greater chance of infecting a computer and network. As the article describes, over 54% of IT professionals believe that remote workers pose a greater security risk than company onsite workers. Since 2009, remote workers have increased 159% and so the need for proper cybersecurity training and education is now at an all time high. 

“Remote employees need to know what to look for, how to identify suspicious activity and how to report it to their company IT personnel or the security operations center for remedial action,” Schulze says. 

The article continues by listing a few suggestions on how to help users and employees educate themselves and their fellow remote workers about proper cyber protection. Such tips include: 

  • Back up your data regularly
  • Use enterprise-grade antivirus products
  • Keep computer software patches up to date, and upgrade firmware as needed
  • Provide frequent cybersecurity instruction for remote workers
  • Research carefully when buying IT equipment

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