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How can Microsoft help me understand my current security posture and get recommendations on how to improve?

This Thought Leadership provides an overview of the offerings Microsoft 365 has to help security CISOs and other security professionals gain better visibility and control of their current and future security position. View: How can Microsoft help me understand my ...

5 Reasons for Moving to Office 365

This eBook provides 5 reasons customers should consider moving to Office 365 in the cloud with a SherWeb partner. It positions the bundled features of SherWeb Office 365: QuickHelp e-learning, Office Protect Security Suite and Online Backup. View: 5 Reasons ...

Your Data is Safe with Office 365

Small businesses deserve the benefits of the cloud as much as any other company, and now they can do so without worrying about the security of their data.

Empowering Small Businesses with Office 365

Empowering Small Businesses with Office 365 ebook covers the benefits SMBs gain by adopting Office 365. Bundling the SherWeb QuickHelp offer helps SMBs make the most out of all these features. View: Empowering Small Businesses with Office 365

CALL COMMERCE: A $1 TRILLION ENGINE -- A CMO Guide to the Click-to-Call Opportunity

This 2016 report from technology consulting firm BIA Kelsey provides an overview of the changing state of phone calling -- showing how the growing use of mobile devices is generating more sales to SMBs by driving more inbound calls. In ...

How do I find and manage shadow IT and rogue devices, and put policies in place to ensure we remain secure?

New cloud app capabilities offer the potential for teams to work smarter and more efficiently than ever before, but they can put huge pressure on IT and security teams to ensure company data remains secure without hindering forward progress. Microsoft ...

Defend, protect, secure. IT heroes in action.

Walk through a week in the life of IT professionals to see the variety of work they do each day to address threats and protect your organization. View: Defend, protect, secure. IT heroes in action.

How Does VoIP Enhance the Customer Experience?

VoIP supports a seamless customer experience by eliminating frustrating wait times and helping customers find the right people to talk to, which is so important when your first impression might be the last you get. This blog highlights five ways ...

Protect your data in files, apps, and devices, within and across an organization

In addition to protecting endpoints, Microsoft believes in protecting data, starting at its very inception. Check out the strategies and tools they have to keep data protected across all scenarios in this informational document. View: Protect your data in files, ...

Phone Comparison Sheet

This solution brief provides a side-by-side comparison of the core features, benefits and capabilities of SherWeb IP phone offerings. View: Phone Comparison Sheet


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