Enable Self-registration with E-mail or Social

Guests seeking access to your Wi-Fi are presented with your captive portal page in their web browser. You may specify their options to self-register: via email, social media (Facebook), or SMS text message. As many users in these public spaces are on smart phones, social media log-in options are often the most mobile-friendly way for guests to log-on, while providing you the richest profile information.

Engage Guests with Your Landing Page

Customizing the portal page on the web with rich, visually engaging brand experiences offers infinite opportunities to encourage customers to buy right then and there, and to engage with your brand in the future. Serve up video ads upon log-in, provide promotional discounts or incentivize your guests to like your Facebook page or check-in. Build your community as your guests are directed to your choice of landing page, often your company’s homepage, Facebook or Instagram page.

Gain Actionable Insights with Customer Analytics

Detailed tracking data is collected and stored for all guests, providing visibility about number of users on the network and duration of access. For users logging in with social credentials, name, surname, age, gender, location and birthdate can also be provided. For email registrants, verified name, surname and verified emails are provided. Cell phone number collection is also supported. This information is conveniently delivered to you electronically via Excel spreadsheet.

Easily Remarket to Past Visitors

Target your visitors with multi-channel campaigns over email, SMS and social media to share news, events, and special offers, encouraging them to return to your venue. Select customer groups based on the event they attended, or locations they visited.

All-inclusive Monthly Fee

For one monthly fee, we provide