Cloud Computer, Server & Storage Solutions

Cloud Computer Solutions

  • Public: Secure and highly available infrastructure as a service environment for all applications – including mission critical, complex and multi-tier applications, test/dev environments.
  • Dedicated: Secure and dedicated cloud computer infrastructure to support mission-critical, multi-tier applications. This model is typically preferred for applications that are not well suited for multi-tenant, share computer environments.
  • Private: Provides dedicated resources for the whole cloud hardware stack from network to storage to computer. The choice for complete isolation at all layers of the cloud.

Cloud Server & Storage Solutions

  • Bare Metal Servers: When you require a physical box in a datacenter.
  • Virtual Private Server / Private Datacenter
  • Backup As A Service: Additional service to backup the Cloud-managed Platforms under contract
  • Disaster Recovery As A Service: Additional service that restores a backed up Platform, when an event occurs.
  • High Availability & Reliability - 24x7x365 with geographically dispersed datacenters


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