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Instagram User Information May Have Been Available To Hackers

Do you have an Instagram account? If so, be advised that David Stier (a business consultant and researcher for CNET) has recently discovered a flaw in Instagram’s website that exposed thousands of users’ email addresses and phone numbers for a period of more than a month. Mr. Stier provided screen shots and other details to […]

Google Bug Exposed Passwords For Some GSuite Enterprise Customers

Even companies that are normally quite good at providing security for their users occasionally wind up with egg on their faces.  Google is a classic case in point, in this instance.  Recently, the company announced that a bug in an older segment of their GSuite code base resulted in the recent discovery that the company […]

Digital Skimmers Are Dangerous For Websites With E-Commerce

If your business website incorporates an e-Commerce platform that allows you to sell directly to your customers, be aware. According to the latest research by the security firm RiskIQ, there are currently more than half a dozen large, well-organized hacking groups targeting businesses just like yours. These groups are all using the same basic family […]

3 Useful Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox

  The world wide web has grown up. It has become the place where we do business, find entertainment, and communicate with others. It has also become more dangerous, cluttered, and harder to use. In this video, we’ll outline three browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox to help improve your web browsing experience, coming […]

Malware Focused On Mobile Banking Greatly Increased In 2019

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have been tracking a disturbing new trend. In the first quarter of 2019, the company has noted a massive 58 percent increase in modifications of various banking Trojan families that have been used in attacks against more than a quarter of a million users around the world. This increase is troubling […]

Windows Update Is Installing Files Two Times On PC

Microsoft continues to struggle where releasing smooth Windows 10 updates are concerned. This latest OS update doesn’t contain file deleting problems, and it won’t give you the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. It  it may however cause confusion, as some users are reporting that the update file is downloading twice. The build in question is […]

Some Cisco Devices May Be Vulnerable To Hacker Attacks

Intel has been in the news several times over the last 18 months due to serious security flaws that have been found in their chipsets, beginning with the dreaded Spectre and Meltdown flaws.  Now with MDS attacks, they’re not the only ones. Recently, researchers have discovered serious flaws in Cisco products that would allow a determined […]

Unexpected Support Updates For Older Systems Released By Microsoft

Users of Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7 and Server 2008 got an unexpected benefit from Microsoft recently. All of the OS’s mentioned above have reached the end of their support lives and the company hasn’t been issuing new security updates for them. However, they made a rare exception in the case of patching CVE-2019-0708. […]

New Security Vulnerabilities Found In Intel Processors

Remember the Spectre and Meltdown CPU vulnerabilities discovered early last year?  Well, hold onto your hat, because they’ve got company. Recently, researchers discovered a new class of side-channel vulnerabilities in Intel processors that impact every modern chipset the company makes, including those used in Apple devices. The new vulnerabilities exploit weaknesses in something called ‘speculative […]

Hackers Using WhatsApp To Install Malware On Phones

If you’re among the masses of people using WhatsApp, for either Android or iOS, be advised that the Israeli hacking consortium known as the NSO Group may have installed spyware on the device you use WhatsApp on. A massive security flaw identified as CVE-2019-3568 has been discovered and weaponized by the NSO Group. This allows […]