recognize phishing attacks

Something’s Phishy: How to Recognize Phishing Attacks

Unfortunately, phishing emails are becoming more and more common. These emails often look like they’re coming from trusted sources, but instead contain links to malicious sites or harmful downloads. According to the FBI, phishing scams cost American companies $215 million annually. This amount is expected to rise due to the increasing use of mobile devices […]

IT compliance regulations

IT Compliance Regulations: Which Mandates Apply to My Business?

Since cybersecurity is so important for protecting sensitive data held by businesses and organizations, a number of government institutions now legally require IT compliance when sensitive information may be at risk. These regulations exist in order to improve a business’s information security strategy. The relevant regulations need to be understood and integrated into your business’s […]

Various digital data storage and backup devices

Managing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity During California’s Fire Season

Just as you create a revenue forecast, a set of employee processes, and a plan for efficiency and morale, you must prepare disaster backup and recovery for your business continuity following a disastrous event. Although California wildfires are expected events, no one ever feels prepared for the destruction left in their wake each year. Cybersecurity […]

understanding cybersecurity thrreats

Expect the Unexpected: How Understanding Cybersecurity Threats Is the First Step to Security

Cybercrime’s threat to businesses has increased significantly within the past two years. Attacks are more sophisticated and devious than ever before, and companies need to respond to protect their assets. The first step to getting protection in place is to understand the potential threat from cybercrime. But as criminals become more prolific, businesses need to […]

cybersecurity myths

5 Cybersecurity Myths That Are Hurting Your Business

Cyberattacks on big brands make headlines, but the truth is that hackers love to target small businesses. Since the majority of smaller businesses are not prepared against security breaches, hackers see them as prime targets for cyberattacks. And while large corporations can weather their data being compromised, small businesses are often devastated by a serious […]

phishing impacts businesses

What is Phishing, How Can It Impact California Businesses?

The year 2020 saw phishing, vishing, smishing, and pharming leap to the top of the FBI internet crime report statistics, more than doubling in instances from the previous year. But what is does all of that mean, and how does phishing impact businesses? What Is Phishing? Phishing is used by cybercriminals to contact individuals under […]

what is a firewall used for

What Is a Firewall, and How Will It Help My Business?

If you’ve been using computers for the past 20 years, you’ve probably heard the term “firewall.” Yet no matter how many times you’ve heard the word, you might not know exactly what firewalls are and how they help secure your business.  For a business, your firewalls are imperative to your cybersecurity. To understand how firewalls […]

HIPAA Compliance

4 Common HIPAA Compliance Mistakes Businesses Make With Their IT

From information storage to disposal, there are many ways that your company’s IT management may not be following HIPAA compliance regulations. Review four of the most common compliance mistakes and some tips on avoiding them. 1. Discarding Information Improperly Proper information disposal prevents patient information from falling into the wrong hands. There are a number […]

cybersecurity tips

6 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Small Business

As technology advances, new cybersecurity issues keep emerging. Digitalization has seen many businesses embrace new technological innovations to boost productivity. Alternatively, cybercriminals are continually developing new and sophisticated methods to gain access to confidential data, hence the need for companies to rethink their framework. The Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) found that 43% […]

extended detection and response

The Advantages of XDR Over Traditional Antivirus Solutions

Rising cybersecurity threats are solely rivaled by the tools available to combat them. However, the more tools your organization deploys, the more difficult it is to manage these platforms with ease of visibility across your network. The solution? Extended detection and response (XDR), an approach that will overtake existing security solutions and overhaul the industry. […]