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Get the Most out of Office 365 - Free Seminar

Get the Most out of Office 365 - Free Seminar

Staying on top of best practice technologies is important to enable your team to do their best work possible and your business to stay competitive.  Maybe your company is still using Office 2013, or even 2010? Or maybe you have a new subscription to Office 365, but are not yet using all of the tools available in your subscription.  If you believe that your technology is outdated, or that you may not be getting the most out of Office 365, it’s time to find out what Office 365 can do for you.

Find out what Office 365 can do for you

Fusion Technology Solutions is offering local business leaders an opportunity to participate in a fact-filled seminar on how Office 365 can you get more done, work better together and safeguard your data.

Hosted by Scott Schulze, Fusion Technology Solutions owner and Director of Operations, and the Fusion team, this luncheon seminar will provide detailed information about how users can use Outlook email and other Office applications from anywhere, anytime, 1 TB of OneDrive data storage, cloud ‘infrastructure and collaboration tools like SharePoint, Skype and Microsoft Teams.  Scott says, With Office 365, smaller business can now have the benefits of accessing email and office files remotely with predictable and flexible pay-as-you-go subscriptions.”

The free luncheon seminar will take place

August 29th 2018 from 12:00 – 2:00pm

Villa Chanticleer Annex, 860 Chanticleer Way in Healdsburg.

Register now online

or call 707-568-3382.

(888) 380-3580