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Committed Partnership Ensures Business Continuity: Bouchaine Vineyards

Committed Partnership Ensures Business Continuity: Bouchaine Vineyards

With technology crucial to communications and daily business, Bouchaine Vineyards needed to be fully connected at all times, but certain areas of their IT environment were lacking. Thankfully, Fusion Technology Solutions was able to step in and offer the expert IT support needed for the Napa winery to achieve its goals and keep their business operating seamlessly, even in the face of unexpected natural disaster and cybersecurity issues.

Problem: Bouchaine Needed Reliable IT Support to Eliminate Downtime

"We are a winery production facility and tasting room. Technology is the backbone of our communications and our direct-to-consumer business.” says Carla Bosco, Director of Communications for Bouchaine Vineyards.

The inability to reliably access email from anywhere was a major pain point for the Napa winery. Along with this, the existing IT infrastructure was all on-site, creating a risk that business could be suspended if any of the equipment became inaccessible or compromised.

Bosco elaborates, "We were looking to move our operations to a completely hosted model and heard that Fusion Technology Solutions could suit our needs. Their professionalism, support, and can-do attitude make them valued partners.”


Solution: A Trustworthy IT Partner with Expert Knowledge to Maximize Productivity

Thankfully, Bouchaine Vineyards was referred to a computer support specialist who could help. Fusion Technology Solutions conducted a complete audit of the existing hardware, systems, servers and back-up processes, as well as their business needs. This revealed opportunities to optimize their operational efficiency and network security by moving the infrastructure to an offsite data center, accessible through a VPN.

Measures implemented include:

●     Cloud Computing with Hosted Exchange, Email Hosting, Backup, Accounting and Virtual Desktop services

●     IT Network Monitoring and Software Management

●     Latest security patches and service packs

●     2-hour help-desk response time for Computer Repair


Outcome: Exceedingly Reliable IT Support & Technologies Ensure Total Business Continuity

Bosco comments, "We certainly saw the benefits of having Fusion Technology Solutions host our systems in the aftermath of the earthquake.”

After the Napa Earthquake hit in 2015, many companies across the Napa Valley suffered structural damage and loss of power. Roads were broken, making offices inaccessible and in some cases completely shutting down businesses for weeks.  The backup services and disaster prevention measuresput in place by Fusion Technology Solutions ensured that Bouchaine Vineyards daily operations were not compromised. Despite the inaccessibility of their own offices, Bouchaine Vineyards employees were able to connect from home via VPN to their virtual desktops and access accounting, email and other systems to keep their business open.

No matter what level of severity the situation, Fusion Technology Solutions has been able to provide Bouchaine Vineyard with the same responsive support. Bosco expands, saying, "When our systems were struck by a virus, Fusion Technology Solutions personnel worked all day to inspect and clean all of our devices and drives, and minimized downtime.”

Bosco expresses appreciation on behalf of Bouchaine Vineyards for the work that Fusion Technology Solutions has done, beaming, "I would highly recommend Fusion Technology Solutions. I’ve received nothing but exemplary service from them. They demonstrate commitment to us as their customer, both in support as well as planning for future needs. They are flexible and very responsive to our dynamic needs.”

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